Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ironing out the wrinkles

First of all, "arrrrgggggghhhh!"  Prepping clothes for sale is harder than I thought.

Issue 1:  LIGHT.  Light is a big one when taking photos of clothes to sell online.  It has to be good lighting, otherwise the colour will be off - and obviously it's vital to get colours as accurate as possible when you're selling online.  I couldn't achieve exactly what I wanted to at the studio.

Issue 2:  BABY.  My one needs attention.  He's only really happy playing on his own for about 10 minutes before he starts getting annoyed I'm not playing with him.  Therefore, the majority of my project has to be completed when he's in bed.

So, Issue 1 plus Issue 2 equated to finding a way to take the photos at home.  A good, crafty sort helped me set up a bit of a backdrop:

Yet still I've found light to be an issue.  While I possess the technical skills to touch up photos to make the colour as accurate as possible, I would rather be closer to the correct colour from the get-go.  

So I tried another tactic, setting up outside.  

This was frustrating for two reasons.  The first reason - weather!  It kept raining as soon as I had set it all up.  I set it up and pulled it down 4 times that afternoon.  The second frustration was when I finally evaluated what little I did, the photos were way too bright and 'contrasty'.  

So far the light inside my house is winning.

Now onto my main frustration - and you just thought my subject title was figurative didn't you?

Oh, OH the wrinkles!! 


Consider,  When you're viewing clothes online or go into a store, you don't appreciate the fact someone has had to iron them after they've been in boxes.

Yes, I am quite the old-fashioned feminine type in a lot of ways.  However, I am Generation Y, as in 'Y the heck would you iron something?' 

Obviously, I need to invent ways to make ironing fun.  The lady in the photo above looks like she's having a nice time.  Perhaps it's because she is balancing what I can only assume is a fluffy white rabbit on her head and wearing a delightful bow.  Oh yes, she is having a blast.

I think I'm going to have to find some way to get on with it!  Perhaps roller skates and a retro-cool ironing board cover?
In the meantime, it's just loud music.  And maybe a bow.

It's very cool going through everything and I am still very excited.  It's just a case of ironing out those wrinkles.


  1. One word Rosie... Steamer!!! fantastic invention :) nice work though.

  2. Sounds like you need some colour correction filters. Should be able to get you some from work =)

  3. Ahh Bobbie, another Generation Y - except you're OBVIOUSLY MUCH SMARTER THAN ME!!!! I have now had a good look on trademe and put a few steamers on my watchlist ;-)

    Thanks Marc! Except I think if it's at home it should be OK, I'll just need to make it brighter... just learnt how to do 'actions' in photoshop, so I can at least speed up the editing process by hitting the action button. (in theory)

  4. The filters are just colour gels of varying degrees. You can put them over your lights when you take the photo's to see which one get's you the best colour finish in the photos.


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