Monday, August 16, 2010

studio starter

It probably isn't wise to pose next to a mannequin a ka-zillion sizes smaller than oneself, but there we are.  I'm starting to think, for my own self esteem, that thing needs to eat a few pies.

Onto the continuation of Phase One.  Today I hijacked the studio of the generous Sean McCabe of McFoto Photography in Penrose (Signwise building where I used to work - my password still works on the alarm, how 'bout that)

Thankfully, Number 1 babysitter came and took Ollie away - mum's are great aren't they.  I have absolutely no idea how I'm going to dress a mannequin a thousand times (literally) while looking after Ollie at the same time...but I'm sure I'll think of something.  Let's hope I can get him to sleep next time I'm in the studio... 

Today I photographed most of the pre-loved clothes which, admittedly, is only a teeny, tiny dent in my whole supply.   It goes to show how gorgeous second-hand clothing can actually be.  Recycling made sexy - and we all know Recycling's image could do with being a bit more sexed up. 

Although I only got through a couple of big bags full of clothes today, I feel this was a nice start.  Am looking forward to getting back in there.


  1. My what an anaemic looking mannequin :) Hey I got a bright idea! Next time u doing a photo shoot u could employ a little Woodfield midget or 2 @ $5 or so per hour (if you're a good enough negotiator). Get 1 to mind Ollie (if your usual babysitter is busy) and the other to help u dress the mannequin, get the next item ready etc. I reckon you'd get thru the photography waaaaay quicker with a little assistant... There u go, my 10 cents worth :)

  2. Oh I didn't see I had a comment!

    haha yes my friend, that had crossed my mind a looong time ago ;-) Except even that is too rich for my blood right now... but when I break even and start making a profit, I shall give them a call!

  3. love it!! and i reeeally love that first dress :D


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