Tuesday, August 9, 2011

apparently NZ bosses suck

A survey has just found that New Zealand has some of the worst managers in the world.  This is a massive contributor in the brain drain over to Australia.


Well, managers are often where they are because they’ve been good at what they do – but it’s obvious they get very little training when it comes to dealing with people.  You might be a great salesman, but when you add a team under you who you’re responsible for, you might not be as great as you think:

Case in point.

In my personal experience, the really terrible managers are as deluded into thinking they’re great as the people who think they can sing yet do the most terrible auditions on shows like American Idol.

I know I have a million stories up my sleeve on bad managers (amongst the good managers) and I’m sure you do too!  But let’s get constructive here because it’s simple to me.

Listen up leaders & managers:


People need to feel that their work matters and that if they were sick, someone would notice – and not just because they’re missing out on precious work time.

Ask yourself:  “What do I see when I see my staff?”
A worker-monkey?  An asset?

This is also hugely relevant when it comes to prospective clients – they can tell when you’re seeing them as a dollar sign and not a unique, human being. 

Learn to approach people as one-of-a-kind, human beings and not someone you can use.  You’ll be better for it.

2.  R.E.S.P.E.C.T

If you don’t respect me, I won’t respect you.  Easy.


Recognition goes a long way.  If someone scores a client, does some overtime, squishes a pesky mosquito, makes you a cup of tea – thank them!  It doesn’t have to be some lame, corporate initiative.  Instead of pointing out mistakes all the time, how about writing these great things the staff are doing on post-its and sticking them on a blank wall somewhere so everyone can see?  How about giving them a little chocolate bar with a thank-you note?  Do it however you want, just thank them with a grateful & happy heart.


There is that boss who pretends they care.  They thoroughly listen to your suggestion, they even thank you, and then they go back to doing exactly what they were doing anyway as if it never happened. 

Be quick to ask for your staffs opinion.  Be slow to interrupt and find fault with their opinion.  Be vulnerable enough to think that your own perceptions might not be all that is awesomeness. 

5.  ...YOU TELL ME

Do you have anymore advice for managers? 

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