Friday, August 12, 2011

are you a cover band?

Because there are no cover bands in the Rock & Roll Hall of fame.  While The Beatles started off as a cover band, it was when they started playing their own music they really took off, and became legend.  

It’s when people break out of the regulations of convention they truly make a difference.  They often have no choice.  There’s that tugging feeling, that voice in your head, that intangible ‘thing’ that just won’t let you get away with towing the line.  

John Lennon for one refused to bow to convention.
You’re a person trying to start something up.  Be it a business, be it a cake stall to raise money for the local community, be it an electro-punk-jazz-techno-hip-hop band.  
Definitely surround yourself with people who inspire you - just don't become their ventriliquist doll.  You have your own unique experiences, your own background, your own mind - trust it.

Would you rather be Queen or a Queen tribute band?  

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