Wednesday, August 3, 2011

life happens again, pregnancy #2

Here we go again!

I discovered my bun in the oven shortly after I wrote my last post.

Number of times I've put TV remote in the microwave: 1 
Number of times I've eaten curry for breakfast: 1 
Number of times I've lost my keys THIS week: 2

Considering my last pregnancy meant 24/7 sickness (pfffft, "morning" sickness) from end of May until September - I saw into my immediate future, and it wasn’t cheery. 

This time around, I had another dark time of “morning” sickness which completely put me out of action – but it didn’t last as long this time.  However, as soon as the morning sickness let up, I developed a persistent flu which has only now gone away. 

My initial feelings about the pregnancy were not happy ones.  I was on the cusps of launching a business which was coming together beautifully and the prospect of being in a sickbed for a few months & having a newborn again was absolutely terrifying me.   

Suddenly I was trapped.  After feeling like I was in the drivers seat, I was back in the passenger seat facing limited independence. 

But when you’re forced to be in the passenger seat, you can either be a back-seat driver or choose to put your feet up, relax, and trust that everything’s going to be just fine.

Oh yeah.

It didn’t take me long to decide I wasn’t going to just lie in bed doing nothing.  One thing I could do is "listen", so I downloaded loads of podcasts (kind of like radio shows on particular topics) on Internet Marketing and studied up.  I’ve learnt a massive amount in these last few months and if I hadn’t stopped to get pregnant, I wouldn’t have gained what I believe will be a huge asset to my future adventures. 

I’m now 21 weeks along and the little man in my tummy is kicking.  I know he’ll be a cool little guy just like my Ollie.  Another little person to squish whenever I want, another person to love like crazy.  I’m looking forward to meeting him.

In saying that, I can hold off on meeting him for a few months as I still have a business to start!  I still need to sort out a few more things (since I’m adding a new product), but now that I’m well, I can work towards it again.  

A huge thanks to the friends & family who knew I was pregnant and encouraged me through this time.  It's hugely appreciated xxx

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