Wednesday, September 7, 2011

the matchbox car incident

I threw a kids matchbox car out the window of the local McDonalds today.

No, he wasn’ t my kid.   

He was just a little douche-bag antagonising my son & a bunch of other kids there.  (all under 5 year olds)

The short of it:  He shoved 2 children, hit another, had my son unbelievably upset by teasing him with his car (Ollie thought it was his and was beside himself it was repeatedly taken away from him) but the clincher was when he threw his matchbox car at Ollie’s face.

So I threw it out the window.


It actually was a VW Beatle
The little turd ran away to find his mum (who was nowhere in sight) and he didn’t come back.  Poor Ollie was going berserk as he thought I had just thrown his toy out the window (“CAAAARRRRR!!!”)

Awww how could someone be mean to this little guy?

A mum at another table said to me “I’m so glad someone did something, I didn’t know what to do.  He hit my daughter twice before you even got here.” And a dad thanked me for “sorting the little sh*t out”.

Yet why was I the only person to actually do something?   He had been upsetting their kids for a while yet they had let it slide.

I’m always in situations where no one acts.  Is it conformity?  Is it because they can’t think on the spot?  Is it fear of what people might think?

I don’t believe in marching to the beat of a different drummer – I believe in BEING the drummer.  Living according to how I want to live. My own rhythm, my own music, no rules, no limits and no worrying about how others will judge it. 

Some of the best decisions of my life have been the controversial ones.  I’m not necessarily saying the decisions were implemented in the best possible way, but they worked out for the best.

Back when I was working in sales, I attended a weekly, breakfast meeting for business owners & salespeople.  There was a troublesome member there who I was against letting join in the first place as he was a total weirdo.  Nonetheless, I was outvoted and the group let him in to boost the numbers – but he ended up putting people off joining the group and generally creeped everybody out. 

For a long time we put up with him week in, week out, but it wasn’t until I became President, I could get rid of him.  He wasn’t happy about it and a few people were surprised, but it felt as good as throwing that matchbox car out the window.  And more members joined.  Good move.

Sometimes you’ve got to stick up for what you believe in.

When was the last time you threw the matchbox car out the window?


  1. Rosie! More blogging please :) What's going on in your world? xx

  2. Laura my darling! You are such a honey. T'is the time of year to start up again isn't it? At least I have a good excuse, another baby. Life has been a bit manic and very cool at the same time. Moved house & had Max the weekend before Christmas - pretty epic timing! Hard to juggle things with two little guys but getting there. Will post soon, PROMISE! x


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