Thursday, September 1, 2011

why I never want to win the lottery

When someone says to me “I’ll buy that when I win lotto”, I die a little inside.  

It depresses me as either a little part of them hopes they might actually win the lottery, or on some level, they know failure is the predicted outcome.  At least with failure, you can expect it.  It’s safe.   Maybe success is what we’re really afraid of and that’s why sometimes it’s safe just to aspire to and want things without getting off our arse to take action!

On a more depressing level, it implies you need heaps of money to be happy.  The mentality of 'If only I had "this amount" of money, my life would be perfect'.  You only need one google search to see that's not going to happen.  For me, my drive is towards the freedom of creatively working for myself to gain more time with family and friends.  Not so much trying to get rich...if I do, it will be incidental.

So, the reality is spending money on something completely out of my control with odds beyond a million to one isn’t a good investment. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not adverse to a bit of risk – I bought a $2 scratchy a couple of weeks ago and won $6, which converted into a free coffee.  Very cool with me!   And I wouldn’t shun the odd casino night or an instant win of $50,000.  What I’m meaning is a more “set for life”/$1million+ pay-out.

I decided a long time ago that I am the ticket worth taking a chance on. 

Opportunity doesn’t often knock – it whispers.  If you’re not paying attention, it will mosey on passed your door.  I had an opportunity that whispered to me yesterday in the form of an idea, an idea for a bit of passive income.  I stayed up last night making most of the website for the it in fact.

Will let you in on that little gem regardless of success or failure when it’s a wee bit further along.

If you’ve been pinning your hopes on the magical powerball ticket, it’s never too late to give something else a go.  You are a risk worth taking.

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