Monday, July 9, 2012

can you be too approachable?

Can you be too approachable?

Yes, yes and yes.  I have struggled with this one for many years and I’ve learned that if I don’t set healthy boundaries for myself, other people will set them for me. 

Over the years, how have I ended up having a coffee with people who I’m not even sure I like?  Where do you draw the line? 

How approachable you’re willing to be is up to you. 

It may be a case of monetising your time rather than making yourself too available.  It may be a case of out and out saying “no”.  It may be a case of unsubscribing to all those emails that are cluttering up your inbox.

These days I'm much better at saying no.

Don’t oblige yourself to death and don’t be bitter when you have no boundaries.

These are approachable...


  1. Hi Rosie

    Another very timely post :)

    I've nominated you for an inspirational blogger award, check out my page :)

    born again creations


    1. Awww thanks heaps Becs! I'll write a new post for that one after all the craziness the weekend is sure to entail... I hope Jeremy survives the madness. xxx


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