Wednesday, August 8, 2012

an intriguing prospect

I did a bit more cold emailing for my business today & I received this email in return that made me smile:
Hello Rosie :-)
But..  if I had a website – particularly a non-boring website – wouldn’t I just end up running around in circles to the beck and call of a bunch of difficult Janes, doing a whole lot more work at very competitive prices and , then probably end up dying of stress or something?

No thank you. I’m staying under my rock where they can’t find me. It’s an unusual marketing ploy in this day and age but works really, really well for me.

Good luck though eh– I like your marketing and should I ever feel the need to work myself into an early grave you will certainly be among the first I will go to for advice.
Regards, mike

I told him he rules.  With a great personality like that, he'll go far.  Even if he doesn't have a website, haha.

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