Monday, August 6, 2012

internet killed the travel agent

Remember travel agents?  Awww.  Sitting in their offices all helpful and everything.  Shed a tear for the travel agents of days gone by.

Awww.  Remember this movie?  All cute in her little office with her new job...

Remember going to the Video store?  Awww.  Flicking through all those videos.   Awww.  Poor little video stores hanging in there.

Remember the yellow pages salesmen?  Yeah they’re still there, annoying as ever, weak though.   

Remember paying your bills via cheque or any other actual means where you have to do something?

Remember journalists?  The ones that fact-checked & misquoted people?  Awww.

Remember going to a record store to get your record/tape/CD/DVD??  Awww. 

Don’t the rest of us feel all nice & safe?  Yeah, our professions are fine right? 

Maybe if we open ourselves up to the thinking that our industry might be flipped on its head also, we might then be OK.  

If you don’t embrace technology and exercise a little foresight, you lose.

And I’m not saying you have be an Apple slut with 5 ipad’s, 3 iphone's & operate on robotic technology.  Hell, I have a $35 Samsung phone and an old PC – I still get the job done.

But let’s face it, if I had no computer (or access to one), you wouldn’t be reading this.  If I had no internet, you wouldn’t be reading this.

There were recently some NZ fishermen upset on the news.  They can’t fish in a certain area just in case they catch some Maui Dolphins – an endangered species.  “But I’ve been fishing here for 30 years,” one of them said. 

Is this OK?

I suggest, not.

Listen to your customers, deliver exceptional service, make yourself adaptable.  

Because it’s only a matter of time.

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