Thursday, August 2, 2012

rosie vs procrastination

Some days you can take on the world. 

However, some days can be a complete battle of concentration and you feel like one of those annoying flies, buzzing around, smacking themselves into the glass ranchslider a million times and you end up unconscious with nothing achieved. 

I have a very limited amount of time to do things while my boys sleep in the afternoon.  Here’s a fairly accurate thought pattern of mine from a recent day:

'Right, I shall sit down and write a blog post.  Topic…topic….Oh that coffee cup’s nearly empty, better get some more.  What should we have for dinner?  We’re out of rice, better go to the supermarket.  Maybe later.  Maybe I should do pilates now instead of after dinner…but I haven’t done much cardio lately, so maybe I should do zumba instead.  But I’m not really in the right clothes for Zumba.  Where are those exercise pants I like?  Argh, they’re on the washing line.  Oh well can’t do Zumba.  So where’s that pilates DVD?  Toddler must’ve hidden it.  Wait, wasn’t I supposed to be writing a blog post?  Yeah, that’s right.  Oh wait the baby’s crying, better go and sort that.  OK I’m back.  Wonder if my sister replied to that email?  Better check.  No, maybe I should call her.  Oh the phone's ringing, better get it.  Hmm, so what should I write about today?  Shouldn’t I be doing something for my business instead?  Yeah but that’s after this blog post… Wait, how much money do I have in my bank account?  Better check.  Was that the phone?  Oh that reminds me, I was going to phone mum about babysitting next month.  Damn, she’s busy that night.  Better find someone else… now both boys are crying, better sort.    What was that other thing I was wanting to google?  That’s right, a synonym for delitescent.  What the heck is that word anyway?  Maybe I should pay that phone bill now instead of later.  OK boys should probably get up from their afternoon sleep now… will try writing later.'

I could put a bunch of  “Overcoming Procrastination” ideas up, but really, wouldn’t that just be procrastinating a little?  If you have to write schedules, figure out priority lists, figure out rewards for yourself, doesn't that stand in the way of actually DOING stuff? Maybe.  Maybe not.

Probably better for me to just tell myself to cut it out and get on with it. 

Or maybe write a list?

Hmm, wonder what paper I should write the list on… 

Oooh maybe I should check stationary on Pinterest...

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