Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bringing Happiness

 “Some people cause happiness wherever they go, while others cause happiness whenever they go.”  - Oscar Wilde 

Which type of person are you?   

In the office, in your home, at a party… it’s actually not about being the life of the party, it’s about bringing other people to life at the party.

This lady looks like she brings happiness

Show people they matter.  Not in an act of forced kindness to make yourself feel good.  It’s a way of life.  Whether it’s giving them a compliment, leaving them a note or taking them out to coffee – let them know they matter. 

When I was pregnant with my second child, a lovely, Samoan woman at a local café made me feel special by calling me “the pretty lady with the flower” (I had a massive flower pinned to my top).  She then noticed my pregnant tummy and told me I was “positively blooming!”  I’m not ashamed to say I still feel all warm & fuzzy about her comments, almost A YEAR later. 

People need to laugh more.  It seems to me we’re all scared of drawing attention to ourselves.  What’s everyone so afraid of?   People won’t ask you what you’re on – they’ll ask you sit next to them.

Others don’t have to follow through on your advice.  If someone ever asks for my opinion about something, there is no obligation to act upon it.  I’m not an all-knowing being – ridiculously far from it!!  I’m in awe people actually read my blog – yay for you!   

Surrender and be humble.  When was the last time you got annoyed at someone because they didn’t listen to you?

Try to cause happiness wherever you go - the alternative sucks for everybody.

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