Monday, September 3, 2012

burn the rules

Burn the Rules

Don’t just break them, BURN THEM. 

Personally, there are some rules I love and some rules I hate.  For example, some life rules for me are: 

1.    Never trust a guy who wears a gold chain
2.    Never wear pyjamas when going for short drive – you’ll inevitably need to change a tyre
3.    Laugh in the face of adversity at all times (which I try – despite my melancholic post the other day)

There are all sorts of people telling you all sorts of things. 

Guess what:  You’re in charge of your life.  I know, it’s obvious, I get it.

But look, when there’s some expert advising you something that IN YOUR GUT seems WRONG – who are you going to listen to?  Them?  Or are you going to break the rules.

Rules I’ve broken lately:

General Rule:  You must have a short URL

Twitter Rule:  You must follow back
Broken:  I only follow those I think are cool/interesting/relevant and aren’t following me “to get a follow-back” – if you’re one of those, you’re a lame-o and desperate looking.  You wouldn’t go up to someone in real life and say “tag you’re it, now come and get me” would you? 

Business Rule:  You must make a comprehensive business plan in order to start in business
Broken:  One of the wonderful things about the internet is you can jump in, get your face muddy, and work it out as you go along at a very low cost.  Learn as you go I say.

Business Rule:  You need a big, old chunk of change to start a business
Broken:  I’ve spent $10 on my latest venture.  TEN FREAK’IN DOLLARS.  I came up with it just over 2 weeks ago and it’s 90% ready… it’ll make a great how-to post soon.

Marketing rule:  Stick to the plan
Broken:  I tweak and update my strategies constantly – you have to.  See what works well and do more of that stuff.

Business rule:  Make a survey and test the market
Broken:  Jump in and ask your clients / friends/ associates what they think.  Make sure they have a clue.  If you feel great about it and you’re getting good feedback, do it.

Business rule:  Don’t launch until you’re ready
Broken:  Just launch.  It’ll never be perfect.  Get to 95% otherwise you’ll never launch.

Blog rule:  You need a photo in every post
Broken.  Was thinking about doing a photo of file & the words "the rules" burning, but I'm doing the 95% and posting.

That's me for now.

What are your rules?  What rules have you broken lately? 


  1. My rules:
    If someone shows you who they are, believe them.
    Do the best you can with what you have.
    Always listen to my gut. Especially when it comes to the children.
    Never eat cheese before bed and always keep your eyebrows groomed :)

  2. Those are brilliant rules Becs! I've never encountered the famous cheese problem though...haha.

    For me, the "Always listen to my gut" rule is proven right time & time again. Stuff always goes wrong when I don't.


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