Monday, September 17, 2012

Hemorrhoids - Article Spinning at it's finest

I checked out some "Article Spinning" Software to prove a point.  Article Spinning is when software re-writes an article for you.

I put it to the test with my last blog post, "Unconventional Business", and here is the result:

"Non-Traditional Business

Here is the old “one-size-fits-all” strategy to business:

1.       Come up with a concept
2.       Analysis the snot out of it
3.       Create a extremely huge organization plan
4.       Ignore about buddies, close relatives – organization is your lifestyle now.
5.       Seek the services of hemorrhoids of people
6.       Make many money
7.       Offer your business
8.       Live and retire on a seaside when you are old or go back to phase 1, perform again.

It’s not that this strategy is “wrong” – hey it’s been confirmed to work for a lot of individuals.  It’s just that it boundaries your alternatives so much.
There are hemorrhoids of different kinds of methods to strategy organization.

  •     You can concentrate on residual earnings so you can travel
  •     You can develop a organization just to offer it for as much as possible.
  •     You can develop a organization to series it
  •     You can develop stone & mortar organization for the way of lifestyle of having a store or café
  •     You can develop a organization depending on something you are completely enthusiastic about
  •     You can modify an market that has been trapped permanently in a having pattern

I’m not at all saying it’s bad to offer your organization or recruiting – I think both are excellent alternatives actually.  But the beauty of doing what you want to do is doing what you want to do. "


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