Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How to use Christmas to generate business

T’is the Season to get freaked out by how early the Christmas paraphernalia is appearing in the shops!  How about looking at creating some sales leads to get you through those slow early months next year.  Here are some of my ideas:

Exclusive Christmas Offer
Goodness knows how many offers I’ve been suckered into at Christmas – and some awesome ones.  I took up an offer from a flyer at Christmas last year for half-price Sky TV subscription (like cable) which has worked out nicely for me.  The challenge is now to the company to provide an awesome service so I renew the subscription.

Free Consultations
For service-based businesses who usually charge for the initial consultation.  (I hate when people act as if they usually charge when they don’t)

A Business Card Draw
Just like you pop your business cards into a bowl at a pub, get visitors to pop theirs into your jar on your reception counter.  Card who gets drawn out wins a prize.

Retail Brick & Mortar Closed Door Christmas Sale
Tempt them in with competitions & giveaways, and put heaps of your stock on sale.  I’m a fan of wine & cheese myself. 

Offer a Special Christmas Gift
When they buy your product or sign up to a loyalty programme

Christmas-Themed DIY Workshops
Awesome if you’re crafty in any way.  Sewing, gardening, landscaping, woodwork – get people to sign up, come along & make a gift.

You’ll be away laughing!  Ho ho ho!

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