Thursday, October 18, 2012

Small Business vs Micro Business

Small business kicks a bit of arse as far as creating revenue for economies go, but Micro Business is the new black darlings.

Instead of buying a business or setting up an office, hiring employees & buying machinery, we come up with something more simple:  An idea.

The Idea grows into something simple, like a website.

We sell simple stuff or services on websites, and then do the shipping ourselves (or find an easy distribution solution in existence).

I know I know, I'm a dork
 We promote it inexpensively, all it takes is a bit of time.

With a bit of patience & a little smarts, it takes off & we can build a no foolin' business out of it. 

Then we can get staff, stuff & maybe even do a bit of good for the world.

No bank loans that way.  No debt. 

Micro Business is where it’s at.  Are you starting there too?

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