Friday, December 14, 2012

A couple of my heroes in one place at one time

I've watched nearly every episode of the webshow "The Rise to the Top" with awesome interviewer/cool-guy, David Siteman Garland.  I love David's off-the-cuff style, and his personality is one I resonate with big time.  He replies to every comment, appreciates the crap out of his fans and is seriously onto-it.

Yesterday he interviewed one of the only bloggers I allow to come daily into my email inbox:  Seth Godin.   Seth is a big deal in the business & marketing world, yet humbly puts forward his views and philosophies without the "me me me!!" approach of so many other authors/personalities/egos. 

If you have a spare 30 minutes, you should definitely invest that time in watching this.  What struck me the most was the idea that you have all this un-tapped creativity, but it's simply your fear that's blocking it.  The theme of fear came in quite a few times actually... a decent issue to address.

You can find this awesome interview HERE. 

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