Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Launching Rosieteapot Magazine

I'm launching a free online magazine tomorrow, and I'm pretty excited about it!

I can't even say I remember the moment I decided to go for it with this one...starting an online magazine has been in the back of my mind for about a year now, but it never really went beyond an idea since I had other focuses.

I had been stockpiling images of meals I had been creating, thinking I'd use them for some sort of online purpose at some stage, and decided to try making them into a magazine spread.  It was actually quite easy, so I thought I'd start contacting people to see if they would like to be showcased in my first issue of Rosieteapot Magazine.  About 90% of the people I contacted said they'd love to - so far so good!

In actual fact, there have been no actual roadblocks so far in starting this online magazine.  It's come together incredibly easily!  And as for my website, it has taken me all of today and yesterday...and it's finished.  Sweet!

Want to read it?  Head over to  !

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